Making a Difference as a Teacher

images-91Just over a year ago, I met the most amazing and inspiring lady.  She originally comes from Burundi, but now lives with her husband and (now grown up) children in our area, having come to the country as a student.

She worked for a long time as a teacher before becoming a social worker. She has a warm heart and generous spirit as you will tell from what I have to say!

Her family stayed in Burundi when she came over here, but unfortunately most of them were victims of the genocide that happened there.

The details are too horrific to include here, but her father (a Christian pastor in the area) saw all the events, though he was left for dead by their attackers after watching his wife and other family members being killed.

I can’t begin to describe how moving their story is, how dreadful were the circumstances that drove tribe to fight tribe. But that isn’t what this story is about anyway. It’s about what happened when Grace returned to Burundi for a visit.

When she returned to the village where she grew up she was met with a horrendous sight. A horrendous site. There were so many children who had been orphaned in the fighting. They had no homes – approximately 70 were being cared for, after a fashion, by one older lady from the village, with just a plastic sheet providing their only shelter.

What can you do when faced with such a situation? What can you do to help as an individual against such a huge challenge? Well, Grace came back and started fundraising to build a school for these children – after all, education is what could provide these children with a hopeful future.  She spoke to lots of people, got a lot of support locally, people have even gone over to help with the building and teaching.

The school has been SO successful – I’ll blog more about the school, their successes and what we can do to help the charitable organisation Grace set up over the next week or so……

Grace and her husband have set up schools in other countries that have been ravaged by fighting, too. They provide a home, shelter, a nurturing environment, hope for a future….. But they are struggling at the moment.  The economic crisis has meant a lot of their financial support has been jeopardized.  They need help to be able to continue providing an education for these children who are in such dire circumstances.

There’s been such a difference made already in the lives of these children by the work of Grace’s charity. I’m just awaiting some details of how we can help sustain this work.  Would you join in helping them? Would you help in making a difference?